Category: Company Law

The Death of the Statutory Corporation

Kenneth Ghartey- February 28, 2019

The statutory corporation went on quietly to the ancestors without the usual Ghanaian fanfare. There was no one to sing of its former glory at ... Read More

Are the Directors of the Failed Banks in Serious Trouble?

Kenneth Ghartey- August 7, 2018

The conversation relating to the August 1, 2018 announcement of the ‘collapse’ and so-called ‘consolidation’ of the five bankswent from taking stock of the intensity ... Read More

What, in Law, has Happened to the Five Collapsed Banks?

Kenneth Ghartey- August 6, 2018

While the majority of players and stakeholders in the financial space welcome the recent Bank of Ghana (BOG) intervention regarding the recent the ‘collapse’ of the five ... Read More

Can the government dissolve the GFA?

Samuel Nartey- June 11, 2018

On June 7, 2018, the Government through its Minister of Information issued a press release stating that the “…Government has decided to take immediate steps ... Read More

Unibank vs UT Bank and Capital Bank: Spot the Difference?

Samuel Nartey- March 22, 2018

The Bank of Ghana (BOG) on March 20, 2018, appointed KPMG as “official administrator” of Unibank Ghana Ltd (“Unibank”). According to the BOG, the appointment ... Read More

Did The Minister for Finance Flout Corporate and Banking Rules for Political Interests?

Samuel Nartey- October 5, 2017

The Minority in Parliament  on 5 September 2017 gave a press release with respect to an approval given by the Minister of Finance (“Minister”) concerning ... Read More