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Security Without Security – Lessons For Banks, And Similar Institutions (1)

Frederick Gurah Sampson- June 30, 2020

Banks and Specialized Deposit Taking institutions (SDTIs) exist to provide financial solutions to their Customers. In doing so, they largely take deposits and grant credit ... Read More

Tracing and Recovery of Assets in Ghana: Has Ghana’s Supreme Court Laid Down A New Standard?

Bobby Banson- April 25, 2020

The Plaintiff, a bank incorporated in Nigeria, desirous of expanding its business operations in Chad opened an account with Banque Commercial Du Chad (BCC) which ... Read More

Ghana’s 2000 Banks Collapse (Part 2)

Samuel Alesu-Dordzi- April 4, 2019

Under Act 180, the liquidator’s role was simply to identify the assets of the banks, sell them and use the proceeds to settle the debts ... Read More

Ghana’s 2000 Banks Collapse (Part 1)

Samuel Alesu-Dordzi- April 1, 2019

Ghana’s Banking sector has experienced a number of significant changes in the past year. Of all these changes, the Bank of Ghana’s revocation of the ... Read More

Regulating Related Party Activities in Ghanaian Banking

Kenneth Ghartey- February 18, 2019

A survey of the reporting of the still on-going issues surrounding the banking sector in Ghana reveals that many of the problems associated with the ... Read More

Re: Ghana’s Banking Crisis: The Deposit Protection Angle, Part I

Isaac Osei Owusu- December 13, 2018

Introduction:  After reading the succinct analysis on the above subject matter by Samuel Alesu-Dordzi, I am inclined to break my usual norm as a passive ... Read More

Ghana’s Banking Crisis: The Deposit Protection Angle

Samuel Alesu-Dordzi- August 23, 2018

The recent collapse of 7 commercial banks has generated a lot of interest and discussions. In spite of these discussions, not much has been said ... Read More

What is Money?

Samuel Alesu-Dordzi- August 20, 2018

Messrs Twumasi Ankrah and Nartey in different articles concerning the legal consequences of the operation of Menzgold Ghana Limited were unanimous on one point: that ... Read More

Deposit-Taking or Not: The Curious Case of Menzgold Gh Ltd and The Dilemma of the Bystander

Reindorf Twumasi-Ankrah- August 13, 2018

The Bank of Ghana (BoG) in furtherance of its supervisory powers under the Banks and Specialised Deposit-Taking Institutions Act, 2016 (Act 930) has embarked on ... Read More

Who Should Regulate Menzgold – BOG or SEC?

Samuel Nartey- August 9, 2018

In November 2017, the Bank of Ghana (BOG) via noticecautioned the public against transacting business with Menzgold Ghana Company Limited (Menzgold). The notice further stated ... Read More