Category: Criminal Law

The Grant of Bail: The Novel Decision in Martin Kpebu (No.2) v Attorney-General (No.2) in the Ghanaian Criminal Law Jurisprudence

Derick Adu-Gyamfi- June 7, 2020

INTRODUCTION The recent decision of the Supreme Court in Martin Kpebu v Attorney-General has finally settled the law on the grant of bail and other related offences ... Read More

Covid-19 And New Crime Trends

African Centre on Law and Ethics -GIMPA- June 2, 2020

On Wednesday 20th May 2020, Dr. Isidore Kwadwo Tufuor, Lecturer and Head of the Private Law Department at the GIMPA Faculty of Law, delivered via ... Read More

Re: Hayford Ofosu Amaning v. The Republic: A Case of Judicial Heterodoxy?

Cletus Alengah- May 11, 2020

Anyone who has followed Justice Osei-Tutu’s Friday “Friday Legal Corner” will agree that the Learned Judge is making great contribution to legal education and legal ... Read More

Hayford Ofosu Amaning v. The Republic: A Case of Judicial Heterodoxy?

Justice Alexander Osei Tutu- May 8, 2020

The Facts of the Case In the case of Hayford Ofosu Amaning v. The Republic, the High Court had tried summarily an accused person who was ... Read More

The Money Laundering Conundrum: Know Ghana’s Legal Nuances and Perspective

Limann A. Mohammed- March 2, 2020

Introduction Money laundering known in latin “pecuniam lavare” simplistically is the process of disguising, masking, masquerading and concealing the source and/or true nature of money obtained through ... Read More

Mental Health and Criminal Law in Ghana

Selasi Kuwornu- June 27, 2019

Mental health issues have dominated global health conversations over the years, mainly due to the increasing rates of suicide, depression and substance abuse, especially among ... Read More

The Implications of Lost or Missing Record of Proceedings

Selasi Kuwornu- May 27, 2019

In the Supreme Court case of Jones Bonuah @ Eric Annor Blay v The Republic, the appellant appealed against (a) his conviction for robbery and ... Read More

Right to Privacy in Criminal Matters

Michael Sumaila Nlasia- April 18, 2019

The right to privacy is a fundamental human right. Article 18, clause 2 of the 1992 Constitution provides that: "No person shall be subjected to ... Read More

GES, the Law and the Ban on ​Corporal Punishment

Selasi Kuwornu- March 11, 2019

The Ghana Education Service (GES) in 2017 officially banned all forms of corporal punishment of children in schools in Ghana as part of efforts aimed ... Read More

When Changing Your Mind Means Nothing

Selasi Kuwornu- February 11, 2019

It has been said that only a fool never changes his mind. However, in our criminal jurisprudence, setting certain actions in motion without completing them ... Read More