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Posted By: Kenneth Ghartey
Kenneth Ghartey
Kenneth Ghartey

Kenneth Ghartey is a Lecturer in the Law Department of Lancaster University Ghana. Kenneth is currently involved in teaching Company Law and Commercial Law. His research interest spans law and regulation of financial markets, intermediated securities, corporate governance in developing economies, issues in the intersection between law and real estate finance and the utility of teaching tasks and assessments in legal education.

The conversation relating to the August 1, 2018 announcement of the ‘collapse’ and so-called ‘consolidation’ of the five banks[1]went from taking stock of the intensity of what had happened and quickly veered into what ought to be the...

While the majority of players and stakeholders in the financial space welcome the recent Bank of Ghana (BOG) intervention regarding the recent the ‘collapse’ of the five banks[1]and the creation of the new Consolidated Bank Ghana Limited...