Category: Family Law

Can a Concubinage Relationship be Equated to a Valid Customary Marriage? The Decision in Mintah v Ampeyin in Retrospect.

Derick Adu-Gyamfi- July 27, 2020

Introduction Customary law has been defined under Article 11(3) of the Constitution 1992 as: “Rules of law which by custom are applicable to particular communities ... Read More

The Utility of Marriage of Mohammedans Ordinance Under the Current Ghanaian Legal Dispensation

Ghana Law Hub- July 26, 2020

Where the marriage is not registered within the prescribed one week period, or where the attendance of any of the persons whose signature is necessary ... Read More

Brief Note on Customary Divorce

Selasi Kuwornu- August 6, 2019

Discussions on the types of marriages celebrated in Ghana have in recent times given the impression that persons married under the ordinance have more advantages than their counterparts married under customary law.  Although this assertion may be true in some very limited instances1, spousal rights under the 1992 Constitution2 and some ... Read More

On the Constitutionality of the Presumption Of Advancement In Ghana

Selasi Kuwornu- January 14, 2019

The law sometimes works in mysterious ways. And its principles are sometimes clearly out of date and out of touch with current realities. One of ... Read More

Overview: Distribution Of Marital Property In Ghana

Rhoda Gyepi-Garbrah- July 1, 2017

Who gets what in divorce battles can be one of the most difficult decisions a judge will have to make. These proceedings tend to be ... Read More