Author: Derick Adu-Gyamfi

Can a Concubinage Relationship be Equated to a Valid Customary Marriage? The Decision in Mintah v Ampeyin in Retrospect.

Derick Adu-Gyamfi- July 27, 2020

Introduction Customary law has been defined under Article 11(3) of the Constitution 1992 as: “Rules of law which by custom are applicable to particular communities ... Read More

Order 81 of the High Court (Civil Procedure) Rules, 2004 (CI 47); A Fetish in Civil Procedure Practice

Derick Adu-Gyamfi- July 2, 2020

Introduction Rules of court comes within the ambit of subsidiary legislation. Because it is a subsidiary legislation, our courts over the past two decades have ... Read More

Presumption of Advancement: A Legal Anachronism (Husband And Wife)

Derick Adu-Gyamfi- June 18, 2020

Introduction  Presumption of advancement is a legal presumption that arises in various forms. It simply means a transfer of property or money from husband and ... Read More

The Grant of Bail: The Novel Decision in Martin Kpebu (No.2) v Attorney-General (No.2) in the Ghanaian Criminal Law Jurisprudence

Derick Adu-Gyamfi- June 7, 2020

INTRODUCTION The recent decision of the Supreme Court in Martin Kpebu v Attorney-General has finally settled the law on the grant of bail and other related offences ... Read More

The Meaning Of ‘Judiciary’ in Articles 126(1), 127(4) And (5) Of the Constitution 1992: A Critique of Judicial Service Association Of Ghana v. Attorney-General & Ors

Derick Adu-Gyamfi- June 1, 2020

Introduction The venerable Lord Denning in his seminal book, the Closing Chapter, Butterworth’s, 1983 at page 93 on the legislative approach or purposive approach in the ... Read More