Meeting High Revenue Targets: A Tale of Nothingness and the GRA’s Rush for Fool’s Gold

May 28, 2018

A. Introduction Every Country survives on taxes. Every person (natural or artificial) is obliged to pay tax on his taxable income or revenue.  All across the world, Revenue Authorities have often been entrusted with wide powers for the sole purpose of ensuring that as much revenue is collected on the State’s behalf as is possible. […]

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The Role of Lawyers and Accountants in an Effective Tax System

October 22, 2017

Taxation’s role in an economy cannot be over-emphasized. For starters, taxation is a major source of revenue for funding national development and providing public goods. It therefore stands to reason that our inability to mobilize sufficient tax revenue has dire consequences for the economic fortunes of the country. Inadequate tax revenue means less investment in […]

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