Author: Elorm Kwame Kota Zormelo

Admissibility of Electronic Evidence in Ghanaian Practice

March 15, 2018

“While some look to the internet as an innovative vehicle for communication, the Court continues to warily and wearily view it largely as one large catalyst for rumour, innuendo and misinformation.”[1] This statement, made by a Texas court in 1999 is unlikely to be taken seriously by any lawyer or court in the year 2018. […]

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Regulation Is Better Than Cure: A Case for Statutory Rules On Online Lawyer Advertising

November 29, 2017

The rules on lawyer advertising and touting have generated heated debate both amongst lawyers and the wider public. This can, to a large degree, be attributed to technological and digital paradigm shifts which have changed the way in which people communicate and access information. Ghana, which often lags behind in adopting international trends has been […]

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