Author: Jonathan Asare

Constitutionally Illegal Contracts: The Missing Limb of Illegal Contracts In Ghana (Part 2)

Jonathan Asare- June 4, 2020

Introduction The article continues in Part II where it continues with the forum for unconstitutional contracts by providing further explanations by way of an example. ... Read More

Constitutionally Illegal Contracts: The Missing Limb Of Illegal Contracts In Ghana (Part 1)

Jonathan Asare- June 2, 2020

Illegality of contracts is a concept under contract law. It generally refers to the making or performance of a contract contrary to law. Thus, a ... Read More

Establishment of Emergency Communications Instrument, 2020 (E.I. 63); A Dangerous Illegality

Jonathan Asare- May 26, 2020

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, states have had to resort to all manner of measures in fighting the virus. Ghana does not stand ... Read More